Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I just wanted to post a short blog to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. As we grill, swim, volleyball, play horseshoes, and bicker with our families, I hope we will all remember that many brave, wonderful men and women gave their lives so we can have the freedoms we treasure.

So here is a big thanks to the Armed Services - may we never forget how much you mean to us.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Waalaa! Here I am Blogging - Now what?!

Hi everyone! My name is Leesa, but most who know me on line call me Waalaa. I have several online vintage jewelry shops, so I thought it was about time I created a blog. I mean, it sounded like fun; a lot of others are doing it, and I DO like to talk...

So now what?? I mean, I've READ other people's blogs - and I watched "Julie and Julia" - but other than that, I'm pretty much lost.

I guess I'll start by telling you a little about myself and my shops. I live out in the country, in a small town just north of Nashville, TN. There are cows in the pasture behind my house. I sometimes have opossoms and foxes in my yard. It's not Green Acres, but you won't see me tromping around in my Manolo Blahniks any time soon. I have a wonderful hubby of 26 years, and two wonderful children, a daughter age 23 and (tomorrow) a son age 21. After being in the corporate world, I began working at home when my daughter was born. I have a small medical transcription business. I have been very fortunate to work out of my home (but I am VERY tired - lol)

Over the past year, as I realized my children might POSSIBLY not need me hanging after them constantly, I decided to try something new. I bought several "bags" of vintage jewelry at a thrift shop - one of clip-on earrings, one of broochs - and began to research the names on some of them. I was amazed and intrigued. Some of these pieces were 50, 60, 70 years old and looked brand new, much better than anything I could buy at a store. I wondered if anyone else would want to buy one of these beautiful pieces, so I put two pieces on eBay. They sold almost immediately! What a rush! I was hooked! I sort of lost my mind - bought WAY too much jewelry to sell, sold a few pieces, bought a LOT more, and soon I found I had "a business." How scary! I had no idea how to market, to sell, to price, to research. How did I get myself into this??

Over the past year, I have learned SO much - mostly because of the generosity and kindness of strangers - vintage sellers who have been doing this a long time and are very willing to share their knowledge, tips and insight with a struggling newbie who had barely heard of online selling. Who would believe that other sellers could be kind, so generous with their time, and so helpful? I've never heard of other "retailers" helping their "competitors" so readily (although I'm not much of a competitor - lol). It is this spirit of giving, of sharing knowledge and the love of vintage jewelry and all things vintage, that made me fall in love with vintage all over again.

Thanks to all who helped me get started, didn't laugh at my mistakes, and made me see the incredible decency and good that people are capable of.

Well, this is a pretty long post for a newbie - guess I'll save the rest for another time...

By the way, here are my shops if anyone wants to take a look around...

Hope you'll stop by!

Leesa (waalaa)