Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hi everybody!

I've decided to do a series of gift guide posts of vintage jewelry and other vintage items as unique ideas for Christmas gifts.

My first gift guide will be vintage jewelry, with an emphasis on one of my favorite types of vintage jewelry - rhinestones! Since vintage jewelry is what I sell, of course I love it and think it would make a wonderful Christmas gift! There is such a variety to choose from when picking a special piece of jewelry from a vintage seller. The price range is extremely wide, from very affordable to extravagant. And chances are, if you give someone the gift of vintage jewelry, your gift will be extremely unique and one-of-a-kind!

Here are some examples of exquisite choices in vintage jewelry - each would make a great gift for someone special - or maybe a gift for yourself!

Multicolor Rhinestone Earrings from Leru from Jujubee2



Glitzy poodle rhinestone brooch from TheJewelSeeker



AB and Black Rhinestone Demi Set from PopGoesMyVintage



Gorgeous Green Art Deco Necklace by BoylerPF



Fabulous Art Deco Dress Clip with Sapphire and Clear Rhinestones by GildedElegance



Stay tuned for more vintage gift ideas, and find these gorgeous pieces and more on Etsy!

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